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Feel connected to the World through the reflective art of Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian. His insight into the pleasures and sorrows of our lives is captured in his writings, 2-D and functional and aesthetic 3-D art. We all wrestle with what it means to survive: how do we deal with the forces of the natural world and the variety of the man made forms of government, what or who is God and what is The Divine Religion, and the notion of dying and death. Merigian is dedicated to the quest for answers to all of those questions and many more.


In 1956, Kevin S. Merigian, M.D. was born to a lower middle class working family in the inner-city of Detroit Michigan. For the most part, he and his brother and sister were raised by their grandmother and father in a small home in the impoverished city of Highland Park, Michigan...

  • Painting Jan 16
    Color remains the most constant frontier of illusion and emotion. For the most part, blending and mixing color is a contrived process unless the media is allowed to mix at its own discretion. Subtle ...