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A Reflection of Who I Am

A Reflection of Who I Am

I looked up at the Gray-Blue skies searching.
Where would I find Sunshine today?
Crisp Chilly Northern Winds Blew through my Soul.
Once Again, I have been Spared from the Rain of Helplessness.
The Sorrow is Uncontrollable and Relentless.
I do not Care about the Emptiness I feel inside.
It Infected me on the Day I was Born.
I Know No Other Way.
I have been told that I am the Master of my Destiny.

Scarce White Fluffy Clouds danced in the Heavens,
As I thought of a Warmth I have never Felt.
Perhaps I am Numb to Kindheartedness.
I cannot escape my early Childhood,
A Common Unmerciful World in which I was Reared.
The Coldness Separated me from my Human Family.
I cannot Feel the Warmth of Aphrodite's Spirit.
I have Tried too Many Times.
My Roughness cannot be Smoothed.
My Torment cannot be Soothed.

I am Happiest Alone.
I Dream of a Night that Ends in Morning,
When I can Feel the Vibrant Colors of Love.
When Every Day gives Way to Another Healthy Slumber.
If I cannot Make a Life of Joy,
I will Escape the Deep Dark Ache of Living by Making Art.
I Live through the Illusion of What I Cannot Feel.
The Sins of the Mother are Never Washed Away.
They Always Live Forever in some Iteration or another.

If I ever Doubt the Power of my Hands,
And Leave the Genius of My Mind,
I will surely Die a Painful Lonely Death.
I need the Clay to Mold Something I Love.
I need the Words to Express Something I Feel.
It is Easy to be a No Name Man,
Who is the Master of His Destiny,
In a Common Unmerciful World.
Until there is No More Time to Be

A Reflection of Who I Am.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © July 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:22 AM
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