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Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But that is only true because words fall so short from the shinning of things. Words however can be useful, inspiring and bring forth new understandings of our emotional world. Words can be used as a messenger from the Soul, that part of us that is the essence of our Spirit and being. Our Souls have to do with how we connect to the world, what we belong to and our human community. Words can give us insight into where we belong. Words can express our immunity to the countless unscheduled encounters with tragedy and sorrow. According to the Buddhists, Life is Suffering. The Soul needs suffering as much as it needs joy.

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Words can help us express the yearning for survival at a time when we need something to hold onto, when our fingernails are deeply dug into the cliff just above the deep fracture of insanity, our knuckles white and aching from the pain of the strain of holding on for one last minute. Then another minute arrives, and we won't let go. Words can help us understand power through experience, no matter what the experience may be.

It is my Soul's desire to communicate my power by means of experience through poetry, short stories, excerpts from novels, song lyrics, blogs and simple musings. Even if only one of my creations helps someone in a time of need, when they are hanging on to their last thread of a hope, tattered and torn from the countless punches of their gruesome battles with the living and trying to feel alive, it was worth the toil and trouble to express something I have felt and survived from in one form or fashion. Art is a window to our Souls. Creation is the very core of our existence. Our Souls demand to be in the sublime. Writing sometimes helps us to just be. I hope my writings helps you to see that you are not alone. And that everything that you have experienced has been experienced before by someone else. You are eternal because everything you experience is eternal. Try to enjoy the wisdom of a simple dedicated Soul through the words of a complex mind. Leave your ego at the door.

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