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Your Lamb

Your Lamb

If I held your Hand, Would it Make you Smile Inside?
Can you Imagine the Touch of My Spirit?
I walk Alone in the Light.
It has been a Long Time since I Touched Love.

You are not Love.
It is Rare that Love grows in Barren Soil.
It is Even Rarer for Love to Grow in Ashes.
The Flames of Anger and Pain deny Life in All Its Forms.
There can be no Quiet, only Silence.
No Bird Songs to Awaken to in The Morning.
The Sun does not Shine.
The Clouds shift from Dark to Darker.
The Rain Washes out your Healing Dry Creek Beds.
Sorrow seems to Find you Where Ever you Travel.
There is no Place where the Numbness Leaves your Side.
Perhaps another Day, another Night needs to Pass,
Before you can take a Deep Breath again Without Agony.
The Painting is Still Fresh and Uncured.
The Colors are Changing as you run through the Fields.
Catch me, Catch me if you can.
Find What you are Looking for,
Before Your Pain Extinguishes me.

Let Me Find what I am Looking For,
Before You try to Hurt Me Again.
I will Unbury the Shield of Inanna.
It will Protect Me as
I Wage War against you who Have No Soul.
Then I will Walk with Another.
I will hold her Hand.
I will Touch her Spirit.
And I will Love again.

You Must find Another to Sacrifice on Your Behalf.
I am not Your Lamb.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © September 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:28 AM
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