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What Now?

What Now?

The night had fallen swiftly.
Hot Southern winds gusted.
Old Dead Barren Trees were Desiccated by Notus' Breath.
Live Foliage Sweat as they Braved the fiery Gales.
An Angel with Golden Wings made her Way from the Northern Sky.
She landed on Parched Ground.
She walked amongst Thirsty Delicate Flowers,
Careful not to Disturb them.
Her Slender Body almost Melted in the Heat.
Her Hair waved Triumphantly in the Wind,
A Flag of Divinity Signaling She was Ready for Battle.
Her Large Eagle Wings Shielded her
As They Wrapped around her.
She was Fearless.

As she Walked, she found a Man almost Dead.
His Soul barely Breathed Life into his Withered Body.
He had No Home, for He was Living in Truth.
He had no Family, for He had Absolute Sight.
He had no Friends, for He was Honest.
He had no Wealth, for He was Charitable.
He had no Place to Go, for He had been Everywhere.
His Hands were Weak.
His Legs barely Sustained Him.

The Angel with Golden Wings Stood Above Him.
"What are You Waiting For?"
He Answered, "I wait for Nothing."
"Then Why are you Here?" The Angel Asked.
"Because my Body still Clings to Life"
The Angel Smiled, "For what purpose?"
"To Know Life and Experience It in All Of Its Dimensions."
"You are Near Death," The Angel replied.
"Yes I am frail." The Man replied. He continued.
"I am experiencing Hunger."
"I am experiencing Pain."
"I am experiencing Loneliness."
"I do not have Love."

The Angel With Golden Wings Fell to Her Knees.
She wept.
Her Tears began to Nourish the Man.
She Held his Head Softly as She Caressed his Face.
She Gave him Food to Eat.
She Stood Him Up and Held him Tight.
Her Wings Wrapped Around Him.
He felt like He was in a Holy Chrysalis.
Strength Returned to His Legs.
He could Feel Again.
The Light of Love Penetrated to His Soul.

As the Angel With Golden Wings released him,
"It is Not your Time to Experience Death.
I was sent to Save You in Your Humaneless World."
The Man Stood Tall in Victory.
"What now?"
The Angel Spread her Golden Wings and Took to the Sky.
"That is for You to Decide."
As She Ascended into the Heavens,
The Southern Winds stopped Blowing.
The Leaves stopped Sweating.
As He Watched her Leave,
He Took a Deep Breath.
A Tear Dropped from his Eye.
His Aloneness Returned.

"What Now?"

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © August 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:40 AM
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