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There are No Questions.

Filters twist Reality into Balls of Yarn.

Life Unravels in All Ways.

Consciousness is a Small Layer of Intelligence.

The Mind's Atmospheric Troposphere.

Layers vary in Thickness above our Unconscious Constructions.

Friction is the Reason for our Internal Conflict.

Madness Provokes the Change of Seasons.

Small Changes create

Shattering Downstream effects in Relationships.

No one Escapes the Broken Promises.

No one Escapes the Emotional Abuse.

No one Escapes the Condemnation.

No one Escapes the Abandonment.

No one Escapes the Agony of Breathing.

No one Escapes the Hate.

Hundreds of Thoughts Cycle through Floodwaters.

Rains Come and Go

Draughts Come and Go.

Tornados Come and Go.

Hurricanes Come and Go.

Dust Storms Come and Go.

Winds, Rain, Clouds, Snow, Ice

Are Considered Character Builders.

Fog stops Clarity.

Emotional Light Houses are Few and Far between.

Although Beacons of Light Shine in Humility.

The Easy Road Leads to Edward Hyde's house.

Brave the Storms and Chaos of Another Day.

Let the Ground Settle.

Sunlight will Warm your Soul.

Moonlight will Rejuvenate your Spirit.

And Know the Battle is Within not Without.

Cease the Moment.

Cast your Vote.

Let the Breeze show you the Way.


Filters twist Reality into Balls of Yarn.

Life Unravels until Mortality.

Afterwhich it Commences Again.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© February 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:30 AM
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