The Stone Institute

True Harmony

As I turn to walk away,
I remember a time of harmony.
We played our music together,
Each note was played as smooth and natural as flowing water.
Separated through times of battle,
Each of us took the chance to play our music with others.
With every new session, we would learn new songs.
When we would meet through chance, we would renew our friendship.
We would declare that we had again found our true counterpart.
Trying to lift my partner from spiritual poverty caused the deepest discord.
With each good bye I recognized, she did not want to accept our friendship with love.
She did not accept herself with love.
I returned to the appointed spot from which we played beautiful music.
She was not there.
I tried to play alone but the melody was forlorn.
Finally an angel came with a message.
My friend was in a place where she could no longer play an instrument.
She was unhappy and she lost her will to make music.
I realized I had the knowledge to save her,
But I understood her inability to accept the truth.
In sorrow, I broke my instrument and buried my new songs.
My friend is gone.
For who will I play my music?
True friendship is a rare harmony.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 1:02 PM
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