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Touched the Sacred

Touched the Sacred

As I watch her sleep,

Her Soul Leaves her Body.

It travels to Distant Places.

She visits Past Lives.

In her Journeys,

She Meets with Other Souls.

They Dance Together in the Moonlight.

Spirits exchange Unconditional Love that Rejuvenates her Soul.

As she Counts the Stars,

She Reawakens in a Restful Place.

She is Reassured that Ecstasy Exists.


As she Awakens in the Morning.

Her Soul has Returned to her Body.

She sees the Joy in a Child’s Heart.

The Wonderment in their Birth.

She Appreciates the Complex Odor of the Earth.

She Breathes in the Essences of Flowers as they Sway in the Breeze.


She Soars with every Hawk and Eagle. 

In the Wind she Feels Free.

Hot, Steamy Shower water Warms her.

She feels Delicious.

Her smile tells you her Secret.

As Night falls, she Returns to her bed,

Her Soul Prepares to take Another Journey.

The Divine has Introduced her to My Soul.

I have Touched the Sacred.


Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 25 June 2000

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:06 AM
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