The Stone Institute

Thousand Faces

Hands should Work.
Feet should Walk.
Hearts should Love.
Minds should Think.
Rise Up from the Coffins of Ignorance.
Know Thyself.
Be Authentic.
Tame the Jackal.
Feed the Poor.
Care for the Infirm.
Ignore the Hierophants.
Abandon Chaos.
Put your Weapons Down.
Pray to the Divine.
The Left-Hand Path Awaits.
Sand in the Hour Glass
Continues to Fall.
Clothe Yourself with Peace.
Paint your Face with Acceptance.
Judge Character.
Embrace the Holy.
God has a Thousand Faces.
Speak Absolute Truth.
Every Man and Woman
Is Responsible for their Actions.
Mankind is Accountable for All.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian, © March 2019


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