The Stone Institute

This Woman

I know this woman.
Shy to some that see her.
Friendly to most whom greets her.
Beautiful to all whom truly knows her.
She was hurt by a man who had no soul.
She remembers unkind bitterness and pain.
Her wounds will not be easily healed.
She feels lonely but not alone.
Fear and duty temper her emotion.
She focuses on her intellect during recovery.
She wants to find herself.
Her rebirth depends on recalling lost feelings and compassion.
She has never experienced more than brief and restrictive love.
Her men have been selfish and shallow.
She remembers past lovers destitute of the power of “nature.”
These images retard her motivations for climax.
Her smile softens the darkness of the day even though
Her warm, moist lips and tongue are inexperienced and unchallenged.
The rhythmic movement of her silhouette is effortless.
She is unaware of her sensuous and everlasting scent.
Close, warm, soft, tender embraces give emotional fulfillment.
She feels safe and secure in strong arms.
Only the strongest, most sensitive mate will be able to
Resurrect this woman’s soul.
At night, she hungers for willing, uncontrolled passion that will
Release spasms of instinctive feminine pleasures.

For now, this woman stands alone.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 1:00 PM
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