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Then Her Life Will Begin

Leave me Alone for I am Confused.
These words Pounded Holes in her Walls of Defense.
She Could not Find Herself in the
Morass of Opinions about Her Life.
No One was Worried Her,
They were Worried about Themselves.
Advice Streamed from Their Lips,
As If they Gave a Damn about Her Life.
They Did Not.
She Had Stumbled off the Right Hand Path.
It was Supposed to Be that Way.
She No Longer Worshiped Money or Prestige.
She could not Reconcile the Inequality.
Life on Life is the Planetary Rule.
When the Wolf eats the Dog,
The Spirit eats the Soul.
She could Feel Deeply for the First Time.
Love does not Care about Her Clothes.
Love does not Care about Her Car.
Love does not Care about her Church.
Love does not Care about her Home.
Love does not Care about a No Name God.
She wants Love to Nourish her Spirit.
But She has Yet to Accept Her Self.
We do Not Live as One,
But we are All Part of The One.
We do Not Live as Holy,
But we are All Part of The Holy.
We do Not Fed our Heart,
But we are All Part of The Heart.
We do Not Understand our Mind,
But we are All Part of The Mind.
She Jumps Under Raindrops Falling from Heaven.
As she Dances in the Freshness of the Showers,
Her Spirit is Cleansed by The Divine.
She has No Use for the Masks,
For they Only Brought her Pain and Suffering.
As She looks at her Bare Reflection in the Puddles,
She does Not Know Herself.
Who Am I?
The Walk to Eden is a Long Arduous Journey.
Her Bare Feet will Carry Her.
Her Nakedness will Hide Her.
Her Hunger will be Fed.
Her Life will Be Revealed.
Her Spirit will be Redeemed.
Her Shadow will be Lost Forever.
She will Greet the Sun
By Making Love to the Moon.
She will walk Alone on the Road to Eden,
Until She has Lost her Loneliness.
Then Her Life will Begin.
Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian ©June 2016
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