The Stone Institute

The Way Home

The Way Home

Sun bakes the Uncovered.
Walk Through the Sand Swirls.
Shells litter the Beach.
Salt Erodes and Penetrates.
People sit in Random Patterns.
Mindless Chatter fills the Air.
Surf Washes Away Footprints.
No Evidence that Anyone walked in the Past.
No Evidence that Anyone walked in the Present.
No Evidence that Anyone Will Walk again.
Roosters bring the Sunrise.
Seagulls bring Scraps of Food.
Subtle Breezes bring Rain.
Coconuts bring Palm Trees.
Clowns Bring the Circus.
Elephants bring Art.


Follow the Path Home.
Absurdity starts All Over Again. 


Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 28 January 2018

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