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The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage

It has Taken a Lifetime to Find my Genuineness.
I've Traveled to Many Places,
Lifting the Heaviest Rocks of Loneliness.
I Sought Out many False Loves.
After each Encounter, the Fire of Rejection
Cauterized another Part of My Soul.
If You had Come to Me then,
I Would only have Passed you By.
What Seemed Lovely and Beautiful,
Was Merely a Glimmer of My Faith-Filled Projections.
In the Sunlight, the Wretched Truth always Demanded a Verdict.
Then the Clouds Came, and the Sparkles of an Eternal Relationship would Disappear.

Every Rainy Day, I Sat Alone and Breathed.
The Raw Wounds from each Good Bye
Made my Flesh Weep with Sorrow.
The Nights Brought Dreams of What Could Be.
The Morning Sun greeted Me with Expectation.
A No-Named God Spoke Loudly.
He Promised You Would Appear.
Like some Vision Rising Up from the Hot Summer's Heat.
A Mirage made of Steel and Concrete.
Strong and Kind, Thoughtful in Design.
A Being who Passed No Judgments.

Each Inhale and Exhale Seemed to Last Forever.
The Waves continued to Crash against the Shore,
Even though the Tide Rolled Out.
I was Made Ready for the Storms.
My Skin Healed with Scars of Sagacity.
All Doubt Disappeared.
My Saw My Projections,
The Ones that Society's Fundamentalists Implanted in Me
When I was an Innocent Infant Barren of Discernment.

Now I am Someone with Whom to Share my Soul.
Joy is Seeded in the Soil of Authenticity.
I Am who I Am.
Obedience to the Right Hand Path is Not a Condition of Self Love.
It is Caustic to my Spirit, melting away my True Self.
As I walk the Left hand Path of Marriage,
I see that All Trees Reach for the Sky
Regardless of their Shape, Size, Color or Origin.
My Commitments Are Pure and Simple.
Someone Loves Me Enough to Let Me Be Free.
Finally. I Love Myself Enough to Be Me.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian December 1999
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:00 AM
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