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The Opening

Hardly two days have passed from the opening at the writing of this blog. The inaugural public opening of Gallery Ouroboros located in the Merigian Studios. I have yet to fully appreciate the significance of showing my art to those who have been the most important part of my life in the last seventeen years.

It is a different feeling standing and talking about art amongst a couple of hundred of people than sitting and reflecting about illness in a patient care room on an individual basis. There is a sense of raw openness, the same one when I was a child, showing off my newly made mud pies to my friends.

I am honored that people came to see the space. I am honored that people bought art to place in their homes and sacred places. I am honored that people helped me with the planning and execution the event: volunteers for food service, wine pouring, and parking. Thank you. An extra-special thank you to Roxanne Evans. She was the skeleton behind the event, working whenever she could find the time to get things done.

Reflection can be a humorous adventure. I do not reflect to examine of what passed. I think about what can be different. Not different for different sake. Better. What can be better? How does art need to unfold? What work needs to mature? How can I make the next opening more appealing to those who have and haven't experienced my work?

It's as if I were infected with a virus that cannot stop replicating. Thoughts move through me like sound waves. Feelings change. I listen to those who have critical thinking. Those with the eye of the artist serve to help me refine my vision, not detouring me from what I wish to accomplish, but trying to help me continue on the journey of expression.

As I said to many, "This night is a commencement, not an end to an era."

Now the learning and living begins again, in a place where the creative meets healing, where life meets a new beginning, and where those who find something more as something less.

I listen. I watch. I learn. I create.

Thank you for being a part of my opening, an opening to my life. I hope the next one will be greater in every way.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian

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