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The Mystery Begins Again

The Mystery Begins Again

A Century Ago.
He held the Hand of His Dying Father.
He Worried not about the Suffering of Little Children.
The Elderly Agonize about the Last Days.
Their Life a Journey Between Birth and Death.
Along the Way Memories Amass in Warehouses,
Complexly Arranged in Gardens and Fields.
Each Filled Storehouse is Labeled.
Another is Constructed when the Last One is Full.
Thousands of Recollections are Carefully Archived.

Some not Retrievable.
Their Grade School Teachers Vanished deeply in their Unconscious Mind.
Their First Kiss maybe Buried in the Wreckage of their First Love.
The Image of Their Children might be Replaced by the Spirits of their Parents.
Their House of Birth may be Stored as an Ancient Neighborhood Packed Neatly Away.

Some are Retrievable.
Music Plays in the Minds of Those who have Lost Their Hearing.
Movies Play in the Minds of Those who have Lost Their Sight.
Tasty Foods Swirl About in the Minds of those who Cannot Eat.
Gentle Breezes Bathe the Body in the Minds of those who Cannot Feel.
Fragrant Flowers Enrich The Air in the Minds of those who Cannot Smell.

Loving Spirits visit to Pry the Soul from the Human Flesh.
The Battle to Stay in accord with Nature Fades.
There is Always one Last Gasp,
Before the Chains of Bondage are Broken.
The Soul Rises above a Lifeless Skin wrapped Carcass.
And All of the Memories become Known at Once.
The Beauty of the Past becomes the Magnificence of the New.

He Let go of the Lifeless Hand Growing Cold.
The Living Mourn the Dead.
The Dead become much More Alive.
The Abandoned Warehouses of the Past Crumble.
Pictures Become the Only Proof of a Generation Lost.
They too will Vanish in Time.
And The Mystery Begins Again.
As it Has for Two Million Years.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian September 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:33 AM
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