The Stone Institute

The Magician

The Magician


It took Time for Her to Travel and

Exit the Prison of the Right Hand Path.

The Shackles of an Unwanted Man

Held her From Taking a Look Inside and Out.

The Snow fell Year after Year.

Where ever She went, She took Herself.

Whoever She met, She Met Herself.

A Person she did not Know.

She looked into the Cracked Mirror,

Consumed with an Imaginary Fear. 


She was No Other than Another Self.

An Image Projected on the Screen of Life.

She read and re-read the Screenplay.

Played the Part of a Dutiful Mother and Wife.

Her Husband was a Dreadful Man,

A Curmudgeon filled with Hate and Distain for Others.

He Denied the Truth as he Walked in the Shadow of Dishonesty.

She Believed in the Power of the People.

A Power so Strong it Separated her From the Demon.


Yet She was Not her because Her Spirit remained Afraid.

She took Hold of the Cracked Mirror and Shattered it Against

The Rocks of Faith, Love and Honesty.

No more Lies, Deceit or Acceptance of The Ugly Man who Had no Heart.

She looked at Herself in a New Looking Glass.

She saw Strength. She Entered the Left Hand Path.


I Know Her.

I Love Her.

There is a Fine Line Between Authenticity

And the Dark Night of the Soul.

Everyone must Walk through the Darkness to the Other Side.

The Rite of Passage to Authenticity

Is Earned through the Death of the Mortal Self.

She cannot Return to The Life that Gave her Life.

It has Died.

She will Bloom in the Warm, Loving Light of the Magician.


Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © February 2017

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