The Stone Institute

The Heavens

The Heavens hold Infinite Truth.
Open them like a Book, One Chapter at a Time.
Laws of the Creator subtlety Emerge.
Our Minds can Connect to the Cloud of Wisdom.
The Throne of God is Infinite.
Rains Nourish the Earth.
Winds bring Change.
The Moon Manifests Life’s Journey.
The Beginning, Middle and End, Birth to Death.
Primal Iterations of the Same Source Equation.
Archetypes repeat Intention.
Puzzle Pieces fit Perfectly in their Place.
The Sun faithfully Illuminates our path Every day.
Meddling with Design merely serves to Thwart Divine Destiny.
Anxiety over our Personal Kismet Forges the Weapon of Fear.
Hope is a Two-Edged Sword.
Hope Desires opportunity to be Favorable.
Hope Wants luck to be Advantageous.
Hope Expects prospect to be Certain.
Doubt seeds Hope.
Despair sows Hope.
Depression streams Hope.
Chance infinitely Repeats in Mysterious Patterns.
Fractals Hidden from the Linear Mind.
Look Beyond the Immediate.
Envision the Whole.
Past gives Way to the Present.
Present is not the Future.
Open the Heavens like a Book, One Chapter at a Time.
Recognize Fate Changing with the Fluctuating Currents of Consciousness.
Connect to the Cloud of Understanding.
Find Peace in the Healing Waters of Being.
Sheath Hope in the Scabbard of Self-Love.
God is Infinite.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © January 2019
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