The Stone Institute

The Giver

As she wondered along the path of departure,
The misty cold wind sobered her fearful mind.
She seemed to sense a distant good-bye
As he made his way to the cliff.
The home somehow felt colder than before,
For his warm lovely body had left for another place.
She gazed and found her mended broken heart.
She had given so much before only to have her lover leave.
This man who she thinks she knows,
Lives with a fear of helplessness.
His journey leads him into uncharted waters.
His hands are there to help others need him.
He is a man of the illusion of no needs.
He is sheltered by Divine power.
The essentials of existence are provided
By the masculine and feminine Gods of daily living.
Each morning, he battles with his nihilistic tendencies.
As the fragrance of his embrace fills her mind,
She begins to worry about his love for her.
The tidewaters of emotion wash away her integrated life.
She struggles beneath the cold icy waters of despair
To swim to the acknowledgement of her own needs.
She believes it is more important to save someone drowning
Than to care for herself in the treacherous seas of life.
As she reviews the past few days of her life,
She searches for areas in which he may be frail.
Perhaps he will require her undivided attention to mend his weakness.
She knows her rule: there must be a proper exchange of love.
One need of his for one need of hers.
This is the law she must break to unfold from her personal bondage.
She searches the heavens for something to exchange,
Even though he is deprave of nothing.
She looks to past expressions of love.
Can I earn my way to his heart?
To what great expense will purchasing a place cost?
She knows the cost is revealing her true self to secure a place in his heart.
She fears that crying about her emptiness will force him to jump
From the cliff and never return.
She is too proud to show her deep wounds and emotional scars.
When she stands in his presence she feels the warmth of his unconditional love.
To admit her unmet needs would release the shadows of selfishness.
As she walks the lush green hills and valleys near her life,
She wonders about in the land of unknowing.
Skillfully piled Cotswold stones separate the giver,
The pleaser, and the selfless lover from the true Good Samaritan.
Is there a spiritual connection to bring peace to her world?
Can the Mystic lover with silver hair bring order to her life?
Can he help her to reconcile the painful battles
Between her emotions and her principles?
Her true self lives beneath the moss of her long abandoned gardens.
She knows she cannot plant roots in her lover’s soil,
For his love contains no earth to nourish her vital stem.
Without roots, she knows the raptors of darkness
Will swoop and sink their talons deep into her mind.
She will be carried away to a desperate cold place.
She will fall prey to her fears, her jealousies,
And possessiveness will consume each thinking cell of her body.
She will want her lover to be ever present,
Tethering his Soul to hers for safe keeping.
His sharp sword of independence will sever the ropes that bind.
His Soul will return the land of solitude.
She will cry the tears of loneliness until they wash away her sufferings.
She will begin to see the moonlight through the clouds again.
She will begin to own her feelings and needs,
Liberating her beauty from the chrysalis of conditional love.
She will exile the haunting of expectation to another land.
She will focus on the health of others to defend the fear
Of not-being wanted.
Her coat-of-arms will be the Rising Maiden,
In her hands, she holds the light of the Divine healer.
The misty cold wind sobered her fearful mind.
She seemed to sense a distant goodbye,
As he made his way to the Cliff.
She knows the land of unconditional love patiently awaits her unfoldment.
She smiles as she lights the candle that will light her first steps
To the place of awakening and awareness.
She knows God will take her hand and lead her.
For she knows now, she is worthy of his love.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:57 PM
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