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The Gaia Breathes

The Gaia Breathes

The Praying Mantis sits Patiently.
It Behaves like a Prophet or a Priest.
All others Insects Worship this Hierophant.
Nature has Created many Other Holy men.
Walk softly. Do not Disturb its Place.
It may be Small or Insignificant to You Now.
But all Things of Matter do Matter.
The Gaia Breathes through Many Life Forms.

A no Named Woman Takes her Place amongst Royalty.
Her Court is Never Honest nor True.
The Night Brings Danger that She Cannot See.
The Day Brings Illusions that She cannot Know.
Her age Determines the Speed of Time.
In her Youth, Time Stood Still and Stagnant.
A Pool of Standing Water, Murky and Dim.
In her Adolescence, Time Crawled alongside the Snail.
A Dry Creek flowing Only from the Occasional Deluge.
In her Early Adulthood, Time Floated like a Butterfly.
Delicate Streams Flowing between the Rocks and Crevices.
In her Present Moment, Time Cannot Stop.
The Rushing Violence of a White Water Rapid.
It holds Treachery for the Weak,
Pain for the Infirm,
And Love for the Innocent.

The Small and the Insignificant Belong.
They Feed the Large and the Significant.
Without them, She will Die.
Once the Book is Closed,
No Chapter can be Relived;
No Mistake can be Undone;
No Failure can be Judged;
No Words can be Rehabilitated;
No Step can be Withdrawn.
Most Paths often Lead to Nowhere.
Nowhere Ultimately Leads to Somewhere Alone.
All Things of Matter do Matter.
The Praying Mantis sits Patiently.
And Gaia Breathes Through the All of It.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © October 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:48 AM
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