The Stone Institute

The Furnace

I awaken and I am greeted.
The cold steel frame smiles at me.
Quietly, it whispers “the rain has gone.”
I wonder if the rain has ended.
At the top of the stairs the door opens.
The sun light shines through.
Another morning has arrived.
I look up the stairway.
Freedom greets me. Freedom for my spirit.
One by one I climb the steps.
The moments seem like days.
Finally, I start my journey.
The path to school is too short.
Last night’s rain cleansed the air.
Earthworms lie dead in mud puddles.
The fresh grass swims in the air.
Leaves dance in the wind.
Birds perform acrobatics.
The voices of other children make me feel alive.
We walk into school.
Please God, make this day long.
The walls of the school are covered with life.
Thoughts of a new world emerge as I listen to the teacher.
The clock moves quickly.
The bell rings signaling the end of the day.
Why must I go?
Out the door, down the steps.
I take small steps, careful not to step on the cracks.
Inch by inch I walk back to the prison.
I approach the side door.
It opens and I start to cry.
I see the stairway to the basement.
One fixture dimly lights the passage to hell.
Taking each step carefully I wonder
Why, oh why, oh why.
I see the room they call home.
The feeling of confinement briefly terrorizes my mind.
My bed still faces the furnace.
When will my world be dark again?
When will I sleep and awaken to go to school?
Finally, my dreams come true.
As I lay asleep, my mind leaves my body.
My spirit dances with others in the pale moonlight.
I see flowers in the park.
People greet me and I recognize all the other souls.
I feel love again.
Each movement brings me closer to the world I wish to live in.
The morning comes as I awaken.

There is another smile on his face as he waves his arms.
His cold steel frame remains strong.
I stare at him wondering if the rain stopped?
He is brown and his clothes never change.
The furnace is my friend.
He stays to protect my room and gives warmth
To our house.
Its time to leave and he wishes me well.
I look up the stairway.
Each step I climb reminds me of another.
Up the stairs, one step at a time.
I wonder will I ever see the world through a window?
The door opens and I see color again.
Green replaces the gray, red replaces the brown.
There is no black.
Freedom greets me, even if for only a short moment.
The school bell rings.

Please God, make this day last forever.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:53 PM
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