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The Fool's Adventure

The Fool's Adventure

Sanity stalks our Thoughts in an Insane World.

Be Present in the Authentic human form.

She Washes away the Pain in Crystal pools.

Water soothes the Ache of a Broken Heart.

Relationships are Paramagnetic.

Our Souls are Inactive when Abandoned.

There is One Force providing Magnetic Moments.

Souls cannot Align in the Absence of Love.

The Flesh randomly Orients because of Thermal Agitation.

There is always Unfinished Business.

The Past cannot Interact with the Past.

Linearity only Applies to Field Strength.

She reaches out to Touch the Light.

A Voice gives Instruction with Restrictions.

Man cannot Love Unconditionally.

Our Dipoles are Unchanging.

Find the Path that Arranges your Soul.

Feel the Alignment of your Heart and Mind.

Love will not Fail her.

She will not Fail Love.

Only the Touch of a Likeness

Can Set Her Free.

The Fool's Adventure Begins.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © October 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:01 AM
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