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The Fisherman

The Fisherman


What harm Could come?

A simple Question that Appears

To have a Simple Answer.

Words are Not Perfect.

Answers are Not Perfect.

Logic exists in Many Forms.

Rational and Irrational.

Speak a Truth.

Hear a Lie.

False News.

Twisted Facts.

Modifiers that Modify Illusion.

Fear that which Does not Exist.

Doubt the All Of It.

Reach for Something Greater.

Beseech a Higher Power for Clarity.

Watch the Sun. Feel the Moon.

The Future is Dictated by the Past.

The Present has No Chance of Survival.

It will be Consumed by the Lava Stream.

The Volcano knows no Mercy.

Dust will Settle.

New Thoughts will Emerge.


Fishing is a Painful Sport.

Fishermen Create their Universal Truth.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© August 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:39 AM
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