The Stone Institute

The Blue Moon

The alarm sounds at the break of dawn.
I awake to the cold anguish of reality.
The birds sing as they feed their young.
I recognize the routine of yesterday.
Words are the weapons of our world.
Tools for fighting wars that never end.
Wielded by the ignorant for the pain of victory.
Battles are unavoidable in this world of conflict.
The master acts with restraint.
The greatest sorrow is to be a veteran,
Seeing the atrocities of humanity.
Each morning brings the memories to my soul.
Perhaps today will be the day the war will end.
Promises of resolution leave the lips of each champion.
We are all prisoners of each defender’s falsehood.
The warm water soothes my muscles.
I will celebrate commencement.
Graduation from a place of real education.
There will be a blue moon this month.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:50 PM
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