The Stone Institute

Thank You

I awoke to greet the Sunshine.
The Gray Skies that darkened my world for years were gone.
There was Silence.
No Loud Punishing Voices echoing in my head.
Decayed piles of Childhood torture were scattered everywhere.
A Battlefield fueled by the Fury of the Insane.
I did not hurt or perhaps I had become numb.
It seemed as though those horrible wounds were lifted from me.
That constant loop of Words that vibrated so forcefully.
You're filthy worthless garbage.
You're the ugliest. You're the stupidest.
No one will ever Love you.
No one could ever Love you.
Untrustworthy Pond scum.
You will rot in Everlasting Hell.

As he beat me, he said it was because he Loved me.
As she slapped me, she said it was because I was Dishonest.
But how does someone Beat you when they Love you?
But how does someone Hit you when you are Truthful?
I got up again and again and again.
Hope was their Weapon of Fear. Not Mine.

The Demons came from the Past.
They were never Summoned.
They arrived Unannounced.
The Watchman warned me.
Be wary. The Demons come. Take cover. Run.
I could not hide. They always found me.
I could not run. They always caught me.
I could not pray. They did not Listen to God.
I could not sleep. They devoured my Dreams.
I could not free myself. They have imprisoned my Soul.

I awoke to greet the Sunshine.
The Gray Skies that darkened my world were gone.
There was Silence.
The Demons were Gone!
It was your Soft Touch that drove them Away.
It was your Smile that put out their Evil Flame.
It was your Kindness that unlocked my Heart.
It was your Love that Freed my Soul.
It was your Death that gave me Life.
I know how to Breathe. Deeply.
The Demons are Gone.

Thank you.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian, © April 2015

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:01 PM
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