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Swim In The Deep

Swim In The Deep

A random encounter with a beautiful woman.
She is the luxury all men crave.
Her walk is Seductively Lyrical.
Her gown adorns and accentuates
Her curvaceous body.
She is alone.
She is never truly naked even
When she is nude.
Perhaps she is the Archetype of the fertility Goddess
Reincarnated from some Ancient Time.
She speaks of protecting the innocent.
But we are all innocent in her presence.
She cannot Hunt.
She will not eat Flesh.
She denies her Connection to Nature.
She lives above Man and all Men.
She calls out for attention
Because she has no skill.
She has no Intention of Leaving her Skin.
It is her Castle.
It is her Prison.
It is her Everything.
Her pools of Intellect are Low.
Her touch is Cold and Compassionless.
Her words are Self-Absorbed.
Her Path is one of Economic Influence.
She does not Believe in Charity.

As I gaze upon her,
I see the Illusion of a Woman's Temptation.
I will not bite from her Apple
But other Fools will.
She has no Self.
She can Entertain but not Commit.
Her Loveliness distracts us from her
Truth of Soul.
She has no Ability to Love.
Or be Loved.
She does not want Love.
She is not Wounded by the Past.
She has no Past.
With Great Sorrow,
She has no Future.
She is mere dust Sculpted
To Intoxicate ill-defined men.
Her Image is Eternal
As Long as Men Swim in Shallow Waters.

I Wish to Swim in the Deep.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© May 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:13 AM
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