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Do you ever dream of surrender

When the daylight fades signaling the day’s end;
When the transition to night is ushered by the thunder of dusk;
When the air becomes cool and crisp;
When each candle’s flickering light cast shadows dancing on empty walls;
When the songs of crickets connect the silent voids;
When your bare hands ache from grasping life’s tragedies;
When you look behind the mirror and see nothing at all;
When you feel the hammer strike of every heartbeat in your mind;
Do you ever dream of surrender?
Giving up the expectations of being perfect;
Giving up the thoughts of making all the right choices;
Giving up the wants of others for your desires;
Giving up the extremes of designs made for uniformity;
Giving up the heartaches of people passing by;
Giving up the world of insincerity;
Have you ever listened to the angels walking besides you?
Have you ever studied the first steps of your journey?
Have you ever let the hand of another caress your heart?
Have you ever looked deep within your soul to see the sun rise?
Have you ever felt the warmth of the rainbow after the rain washed away your despair?
Do you ever dream of being the lamb lying next to the lion?
Then surrender your soul to the peace of my love.
Let my shoulders give you a harbor.
Let my breath give you new life.
Let my fire give you warmth.
Just sleep and awaken to a new day.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 2002

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 9:14 AM
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