The Stone Institute

So I May Live in Peace

What are the feelings that dwell in my heart?
Her brown eyes are so inviting.
She seems so kind.
Her smile brings fresh cut flowers to my empty vase.
I wonder what she does.
In the morning, I rise with the scent of her love.
In the evening, I sleep with the touch of her hand.
Each cloud dances when she walks in the sky.
The moon watches over her as she begins each of her journeys.
Pure feminine power comes from her caress.
To see her is only to watch my own heart ache.
She cannot receive the love I wish to give.
As the rain comes, I feel the cleansing of a new day.
Please wash the image of her soul from my mind,
So I may live in peace.
I need to return home.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:45 PM
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