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She Wept


She Wept

A Lover's Soul was Tossed From the Heavens,

It was Held in the Hands of the Angels.

It Landed and Seeded Another Life in an Unsuspecting Lover.

As She Prayed for Love to Come to Her,

The Lover's Soul Penetrated Deep into her Unconsciousness.

She felt Warm Inside but did not Know Why.


As She left the Wooden Stage on Which she Prayed,

She wanted Desperately to Feel his Touch.

Let the Waters Flow from the Far Away Lands.

Let the Winds Blow from the Mountain Tops.

Let the Fires Burn from the Bowels of the Earth.

Let the Earth Churn from the Valleys Below.


She Walked Every Path and Trail

Through the Morass of Humanity in Front of Her.

Reckless Men Grabbed and Touched her Sacred Garments.

They Desired only to Disrobe and Violate her.

She was Swift in Her Journey keeping Them at Bay.

She sat Alone at the Side of the Road.


She was Unable to Find the Power of the Creative.

Even though Her Receptive Energy Bubbled Throughout.

She Heard a Man's Voice in the Distance.

A Deep Masculine Tone singing her Song.

She Stood Up and Danced to the Tune Far Away.

She No Longer Doubted the Future Beyond.


She Knelt down while Reaching into What Went Before.

She removed the Wreckage of her Past Mistakes.

And Placed Them on the Hearth of Earthly Desires.

She Torched them Into Fine Dark Gray Cinders.

She Painted only her Face with The Ash.

Naked, She Stood Patiently by the Road.


When he Finally Appeared, she Wept.

Her Tears of Joy washed the Ash from her Face.

And Her new Journey began.....Again.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © July 2016








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