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She Suffers No More

She Suffers No More

So you think you can handle the Stress?
To what God do you pray for aid?
All of the trees leaves fall while shaking in the strongest winds,
Regardless of their desire to stay and enjoy the sunlight.
As two Great male Buffalos fight,
They give little thought to the innocent Grass that suffers below.
The Grizzly Bear pays no attention to
The desires of the Salmon swimming upstream to spawn.
A magnificent Eagle's talons tightly holds its prey.
She does not wonder about
The Squirrel's wish to store Acorns for the Winter.
The Panther carries its catch into the tree,
He cares not for the innocent Ducklings
Left without a mother to tend to them.

As she sits, she cries to her God to help her.
She desperately wants his Hand to release her
From her Cancer's Jaws of Death.
She thought the Medicine Men had weapons to Kill the Beast.
They chanted Great Stories of Past Successes.
Spoke Proudly of those who had Beaten the enemy.
They were False Healers without Compassion.
They were Sterile like the Medicines they used.
The Disease takes her life One cell at a time.
It cares not for her desires, wishes, needs or life.

As she sits, she cries to her God to help her.
She Desperately Prays for Mercy.
The Cancer kills one more cell.
The Chemo kills one more cell.
The Medicine Men Dance and Entertain the Audience.
She clings to Hope, the Great Weapon of Fear.
Their Chants are a Lie.
Her Prayers go Unanswered.
Her Body dies before her Spirit gives in.
She Suffers no more.
She is Free.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© May 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:10 AM
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