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Seed In Humanity

Seed In Humanity
How do We Grow?
A Seed finds Shelter.
Burrows Deep into Earth.
North Winds Gust.
Southern Winds Follow.
Cold Gives way to Warm.
Blue Skies. Sunshine.
Overcast Gray Skies. Rain.
Cold Dry Gives way to Humid Moist.
Darkness. Germination.
Soil Prevents Growth.
Tenacity Prevails.
Roots Form.
Exposure to Compost.
Realization Overcomes Unawareness.
Flower. Weed.
Reach for the Sky.
Petulance. Disease.
Birds. Bees.
Blooming. Beautiful. Vanity.
Short-lived Magnificence.
Separation. Truth.
Exhaustion. Healing.
How do We Grow?
An Iteration of a Daisy.
Be Open. Be Authentic.
Be Understanding.
Realization Overcomes Unawareness.
Plant Your Seed Deep in the Soil of Humanity.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © February 2018






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