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Seasons Change

Seasons Change

Brown Fallen Leaves cover Fields of Green.
Crisp cool air Greets the Morning's Dew.
Rose bushes become Barren.
Grape vines Climb no More.
Everything stops.
Seasons Change.
Where are the Caring Souls?


We've lost Sight of What's Important.
Celebrations create Stress.
Tension creates Delusions.
Joy or Sadness?
Jew or Christian?
Prophet or Savior?
As Seasons Change People Change.
As People Change Truth Changes.
The Lamb lays Down by the Lion.
The Meek will Inherit the Earth.
Where are the Caring Souls?
Can Man Change with Nature's Non-Attachment?
The Season of Giving is upon Us.
Give or Be Given.
Seasons Change.


Kevin S. Merigian© December 2017

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