The Stone Institute

Satan's Call

Unwrapping my body from
a pair of running shorts.
Sweat pouring from my skin.
Pounding palpitations seem never ending.
The phone rings once, twice, three times.
“Hello.” I’m doing just fine.”
Confusion surrounds the reason for the call.
I feel my wife’s soft voice.
The discussion focuses on recent imaginary events.
Life was good then. Very good.
Images of happiness and security in her mind.
A ripe garden of passion of which I know not.
Separation of body, but not of mind.
Six years, more to come.
Only if my life was simple.
The sun greets the morning regardless of my pain.
Night Falls and welcomes the moon.
Satan speaks loudly to my soul.
Morality is vigorously attacked.
Her sharp words like arrows seek my fragile heart.
There is only the shield of fidelity.
Finally, the pain of love remains.
I hang up the phone.
Recounting the past events.
Why me? Why today?
I wipe my face for the second time.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:42 PM
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