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Roads End

                                   Roads End


The Divine Universal Spirit fills all Creation with Life.

Leaps of Faith require Strength of Character.

Changes renew the Body and Life Events.

It is Man who Enlightens Man.

Feel Alone in the Gusts of Change?

A Tree Bending to the Gale Forces of the Wind.

Failure brings Great Knowledge to the Ignorant.

Success is not Destiny Playing its Hand.

Changeless Reality expresses itself through Stagnation.

A Pool of Poisonous Water Shimmering in the Moonlight.

Your Life Floats on the Currents of Vitalizing Holy Energy.

Enjoy the Journey.

It Matters not the Road's End.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian, © July 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:16 AM
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