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Right To Choose

Right to Choose

So at what time does it occur that
Man forfeits his opportunity to choose?
At the moment of their birth.
A child does not choose their parents.
Nor their place of birth.
Nor their childhood experiences.
Nor their socioeconomic level.
Nor their ethnicity.
Nor their religion.
Nor their sexuality.
Adults are sculpted by life experiences.
They are told they have choice.
Chaos rules our untamed world.
There is a hierarchy in Nature.
A strong man cannot triumph over
A weak man with a gun.
Illness befalls us all.
Every breath counts.
Children give rise to adults
Who close to novelty.
They have no choice.
When the sun rises for the last time,
Everyone, anyone should have a choice.
Family - a congress of people bound by name and circumstance only -
Decide what is best.
The child grows into the role of parent.
The elderly are often imprisoned by their children.
The decrepit did not choose
Their place of birth.
Their life experiences.
Their socioeconomic status.
Their ethnicity.
Their sexuality.
Their children.
Their illness.
Or the date of their death.
They have no power when the end arrives.
They forfeited their right to choose
At the moment of their birth.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © August 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:37 AM
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