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Rescue Me

Rescue Me


My mind walks alone in darkness.

Desperate for a warm embrace.

I hold my heart tight.

The crisp cool night air blows through my hair.

Hidden memories of affection fill my senses.

I desperately walk to remote areas of my brain.

Remembering sacred secrets of love, and fulfillment of instinctual needs.

Short-lived physical pleasures give way to loneliness. 

Over and over again, Am I alone?


As time passes, emotional distance grows.

The shadows of swaying trees interrupt my thoughts.

The brutality of daily living erodes my strength.

Doubts of my vitality begin to creep into my periphery.

I concentrate on significance and commitment.

Mixing primal instincts and sensorial deprivation precipitates confusion.

Emotional instability challenges my restructured self.

Past experiences diminish my new found place of understanding.

The emerging temptation to return of my previous self is frightening.


Daily rescue of my soul is becoming more difficult amidst life's assaults.

I guess you are always a prisoner of a poorly constructed childhood.

My hands grow tired as my grip on the life-line fades. 

Great Divine, restore me and bring the presence of my True being

I await the second chance to be Me.

I hold tight to my Heart.

The crisp, cool night air blows through my hair.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © April 2004

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:08 AM
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