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Rebellion is seeded in Parental misinterpretation and adolescent misunderstanding:
Limbic system verses the prefrontal and frontal cortex.
The personal verses the impersonal.
Suck it up Sissy, it will be alright.
It’s not what I’m about, the pain is not necessary.
We just don’t understand each other.
There is little choice to gather.
It is a tribal obligation.
Each experiences the celebration together and at the same time alone.
Family is a Flatland. Family is a Network.
Grandparents, parents and their children learned and separated in each of their generations.
They all seek the depth of community.
They live in the one dimension of Family.
They live in the intention of Self.
They live in the mask of the moment.
They yearn to be honest.
They live in fear of Judgment. Holidays reveal the Self Erosions of the Right Hand Path.
We feel then we think.
Take the Left Hand Path.
One step in the direction of authenticity will begin the journey of the Soul.
It’s who we are.
Celebrate with your Family not your tribe.
The Day will live in eternity.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:23 PM
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