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Reach For Me

Reach For Me

Reach for me.

Let your Mind off the Leash.

Her Answer was High Above the Ground.

Not in the Heavens.

Nature Created Her Fall to Earthiness.

The Divine did not Care when She was Young.

She Wondered hither and yond.

Embraced by Demons who Painted her Soul Empty.

Finding Paths to No Where after being Some Where.

She Could hear the Harp's Harmony Playing

Deep in the Dense Forest of Humanity.

She Wanted Desperately to Dance to that Delicate Tune.

But Fear Haunted Her and Kept her at Bay.


A Wrinkle in Time Created a Crack in Her Reality.

A Small Ray of Sunshine broke Through, Warming Her Skin.

The Devil's Fog Cleared as Southern Winds Gusted.

She Left No-where for a Chance to be Love.

Unselfishness felt Strange as his Hand touched Hers.

The Air was Crisp and Light as it Filled her Chest.

Warm Glowing Lights appeared when the Darkness Came.

Time Transformed her Back to the Days

Before she Abandoned Hope of a Better Life.

She meticulously Scrubbed the Past from Her Skin.

Cleansed her Soul that was Painted Empty by the Demons.

And she Walked Naked in the Sunshine,

While Nature Applauded her Courage to Finally Live.


As She slept She dreamt of a Better World.

Her Incentives Changed as She began to Blossom

Into a Sturdy Tiger Lilly with Engorged Stamens.

The Wastelands around her Transformed to Beautiful Gardens.

She awaited for the Rose to Bloom in the Bright Moonlight.

It was Time to Be who she Was Meant to Be.


Reach for me.

She Finally Let her Mind off the Leash.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © August 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:28 AM
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