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Plant A Seed, Tend The Soil

Plant A Seed, Tend the Soil.


As the Smoke Rose from the Chimney,

A cry of Sadness was Heard.

Along the Path to Prosperity,

Someone forgot to Reveal the Truth.

Freedom is not a Given in a Land that Preys on the Weak.

Those who Travel the Right Hand Path

Are Blind but Uncompromising.

Those who have Adapted Constructs of Fatalism,

Have Forgotten a Garden needs Rain and Proper Soil.

Casting Seeds into the Breeze will only Waste the Seeds.

If the Wind Current of the Hierophant is Strong,

The Seeds will be Separated for Miles.

There will be no Garden of Eden.


If what you Desire is Divine Intervention

To Right the Wrongs of all Human Kind,

You have Eaten the Wrong Fruit.

It was the Apple that Revealed the Difference Between

Evil and Good;

Right and Wrong;

Compassion and Bigotry;

Charity and Greed;

Love and Hate;

Freedom and Tyranny.

There is no Garden of Eden.

We must Tend the Garden that Exists.


When a Man weeds another Man's field,

Only to Neglect his Own,

No One is Safe.

The Community reflects only Injustices

If the Community itself is Unjust.


Be Aware!

The Watchman still Calls.

It is not Over, It has Just Begun.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © 9 November 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:20 PM
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