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Color remains the most constant frontier of illusion and emotion. For the most part, blending and mixing color is a contrived process unless the media is allowed to mix at its own discretion. Subtle movements of seemingly contrasting forces always find ways to create an exact harmony that is parallel only to the symphony of nature.

My abstract works are metaphors of the endless arrangements of the human condition, for each of us is nothing more than a mixture of colorful experiences. Most of us display only a fraction of our biographical collage at any one time. We especially fear the judgment of others as we begin to expose our “true colors.” We are actually no more vulnerable to others than we are susceptible to ourselves.

My intention is to create works that elicit interpretation through self discovery: One must look within one’s own individual strategies to intuit my art. If one wishes to find the message of each painting, one must look deep within oneself to find the key emotions related to the colors as well as the passion that is represented by the unique arrangements. In the end, it is not the intent of the creator that is important; it is instead the perception of the observer that lives in each of us as we filter through our experiences and reflect on that which the artist has created.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 11:03 AM
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