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Is she a Slave to her Destiny Forever?
She was Born in the Realm of Nature.
As an Infant, She Crawled to Escape
The Isolation of her Malevolent Mother.
Her Small and Delicate Body Scraped the Ground.
Her Knees and Hands were Chapped and Bloodied.
She had no One to Nourish her.
There was no Love to sooth her Wounds.

As she Grew, She walked a Crooked path.
The Trees could not Shelter her from
The Predators who Found her Defenseless.
She Scavenged for every Morsel of Food.
She had no Sense that It did not Have To be this Way.
Others had Fates that were Abundant and Pure.

During the Night, Her Womanhood came without Warning.
A River of Blood flowed Whilst she Slept.
She Awoke Alone in a Crimson Pool of Agony.
Since No One was Near to Quiet her Fears,
The Moon Reached out and
Spoke to Her of the Cycles of Life
And the Threshold to Womanhood.
Her Child's Primal Fire of Anger could not Melt the Truth.
She could not Deny the Power of Creation within.
She had her Initiation alone and Abandoned.

She did not know Depression,
Because She did not Know Happiness.
She did not Want for Anything,
Because She had Nothing.
She did not Care for Others,
Because No one Cared for Her.
She did not Trust Others,
Because She did not Trust Herself.

Empty Days were Followed by Lonely Nights.
Time Matured her Body,
But her Soul Withered without Love.
A Giant Serpent slithered Around her Feet.
She Beseeched the Jackal God
To Take her From her Emptiness.
He denied Her Appeal Because
She had not yet Lived.

On his Command, the Serpent began to Rise.
As It Towered Above her,
It began to Devour its Tail.
Its Shadow Darkened the Day.
A Green Mist filled The Air.
A Powerful Light Emanated from the Clouds,
Its Beam Penetrated Her Body and Radiated her Soul.
She Felt the Power of the Oneness.

Her Tragedies Turned to Scars.
Her Hopelessness Turned to Confidence.
Her Isolation Turned to Inclusion.
Her Death Turned to Life.
Divine Love Healed her Fate.
She no Longer Crept to Hide from Judgment.
She took Her First Authentic Step East
On the Eternal Path to Enlightenment.

She Shed the Skin of the Destiny of Her Birth.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © February 2016
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:34 AM
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