The Stone Institute

Only God Knows

Take away the Gusts of Wind.
Let things Settle Before the Dawn.
Keep Reverence for Humankind.
Altars come in Various Sizes.
Countless Emotions Demand Countless Gods.
Many Evils Demand Many Demons.
Two Thousand-Year-Old Cosmology
Does not Apply to Anyone in the Modern Era.
Eye for an Eye, Life for a Life has Died.
Not Living is Worse than Death.
The Concept of One God Fades Quietly.
Man’s Appetite requires Many to Emerge.
Fresh Idols of Food, Drink, Media and Money
Wait for the Contemporary Pantheon to be Erected.
Restaurants and Bars are the New Temples.
Media has replaced Prophets.
Churches are no Longer Holy ground.
Ministers and Priests entertain the Masses
As Their Souls Starve for Salvation.
Congregations Sing Love Songs to Praise Jesus as
They Dehumanize those who Disagree with their Truths.
Do not Confuse a Personal Truth with Absolute Facts.
Truth Changes. Facts stay Firm.
Build a Wall, Tax the Poor, Let the Infirm Suffer.
Trust Funds are Socialist Actions of and for the Rich.
The Impoverished Suffer without the Weapon of Fear.
Humankind has Lost the Battle.
Greed Butchered Humanness a Long Time Ago.
Take away the Gusts of Wind.
Let things Settle Before the Dawn.
The Battlefield is Littered with the Disenfranchised.
Which God will Survive the Extermination?
Who of the Dead will Resurrect?
Only God Knows.
Kevin S “Kiki” Merigian © April 2019


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