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Never Turn Back

Never Turn Back

The Rocks are Rugged and Sharp.
The Cliffs are Steep and Dangerous.
Vehicles are not Suited for These Treacherous Roads.
Each Climb is Daring, Seldom Successful.
It does not Deter those who have Spirit.
As you Walk up the Road,
Look for the Passage that Veers to the Left.
The Trail to the Right Leads to Nowhere.

There is no Passion on the Right.
Dignity may Shower You in a World of Boredom.
Everyday Leads to Another Every day.
Punxsutawney Jim never sees His Shadow.
If Financial Wealth Blesses you,
Sycophants will Befriend you.
You will Find Something that Sparkles,
And you will Never Dare to Touch it.
Fear Creates the Prison of Convention.
You will Worship only One Flavor of God.
Only Those who Take the Right Hand Path
Follow those who have Taken it Before.

The Passage that Veers to the Left
Has no Route to Follow.
You are Alone to Choose the Way through the Thicket.
Even though Many have Failed to See through the Fog,
They take Another Step Anyway,
Letting Courage Guide their Direction.
The Coarse Road Keeps Them Honest.
No One comes to Join Them.
They Build their Cairns to the Gods above.
They Worship many Flavors of the Divine.
They may be Poor but They are Not Impoverished.
Most Live an Interesting Life.

The Rocks are Rugged and Sharp.
The Cliffs are Steep and Dangerous.
Take Time to Find your Way.
Once You've Begun Your Journey,
You Will Never Turn Back.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian, © September 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:19 AM
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