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Never Look Back

Never Look Back


Your Eyes are not Their Eyes.

Your Vision is not Their Vision.

Look in the Mirror.

You are not Your Reflection.

You See an Illusion.

Your Eldritch voice Waxes and Wanes.  

Your Words are not connecting the Pieces of the Puzzle.

Riddles are the Folly of the Unaware.

Enigmas of Love remain Unsolved.

Trust is not Guaranteed.

Follow the Truth down the Bottomless Rabbit Hole of Doubt.

The Morning Sun shines on Both Sides of the Holy.

Nature never grants Mercy when Teaching Honesty.

If the True Way is Shown, Take it.

If the Genuine Way is Obscured, Expose it.

If You find Confusion, Bathe Yourself in Light.

If You find Conflict, Adjust Your Definition of Victory.


Life denies Death.

Love denies Limitation.

God embraces All.


Cross the River Jordan every Chance You get.

Never Look Back.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © September 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:28 PM
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