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Never Certain

Never Certain


One by One the Leaves fall.

Northern winds Gust through the Half Naked Trees.

Yellow, Brown, Red, Gold and Green.

The Palate of Nature changes as Daylight Shortens.

Rain has No Mercy on the Frail Foliage.

There is Little Time to say Goodbye.

As each Leaf Falls, another Portion

Of a Living Wooden Skeletons Appear.

Tree Tops Sway in the Wind.

Scattered amongst the Woodland in Fractal Patterns,

Each Behemoth stands Alone

Many Saplings surround Them,

A few Beneath their out Stretched Branches,

Praying to Survive another Harsh Winter.

The Ground will Freeze.

Annuals will Perish.

Will the Perennials Awaken in the Spring?

Will the Forest Survive another Winter?

Will the Greenery Return when

The Harsh, Stifling, Cold Winds Leave Again?

Only Time will Tell.


The Future is Never Certain.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© November 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 2:55 PM
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