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Nature's Song

Nature's Song

The Sounds of Waves repeat Over and Over again as if
They were Echoes bouncing off of Canyon walls.
One by one they Crash against the Lakeshore.
Another one Take its Place. Over and Over again.
Not Really an Echo.
More of a Consistent Episodic Iteration of
The Same Notes of the Freshwater's Song.
Some would call it an Ocean's Allure.

Trees line the Rocky Shore.
They treat the Waves with Respect.
As they Sway to and fro in the Wind,
They have their own Unique Iteration
Of Sounds of Rustling in the Wind.
The Raven calls in Between
The Sounds of the Waves and the Leaves.

We are surrounded by Nature's Instruments.
This Primitive Orchestra has been playing
For Thousands of Years.
No One has Heard the Beginning.
No One will Hear the End.
Nature plays Songs through Endless Days and Nights.
Wonderful. Soothing. Illusionary.
She is also Unmerciful and Unforgiving.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© August 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:48 AM
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