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Nakedness of Women

You will get argument from me, the human female form is the most beautiful construction in nature. More important is her metaphysical vibration; it shapes her success in both the receptive and creative world. Her nakedness is a metaphor of her authenticity and truth to her personal fate which paints her individual esoteric feminine archetype. If she walks the right hand path, she may fall short of her luster due to society's standards which were created to stifle her energy. She will lead a boring life. If she walks the left hand path, she may feel fulfilled, but lack the prestige that wealth can bring her and the dignity of societal acceptance. She will lead an interesting life.

Color brings the metaphysical being to life in the absence of words. The Soul manifests its purpose through a series of unconscious reactions to random occurrences that occur in everyday life. An individual woman's lines and contours are a unique living architecture which is produced by the interactions of her hormones, nutrition, stress and acceptance of her intimate relationships, if she has any at all.

Colorful Nakedness projects the emotion of experience. Women grow frustrated from their relationships with others; some of them men, some of them other women, some of them children, some of them animals, and some of them societal in general. Their greatest accomplishments come when they free themselves from the tyranny of men and other women. Unconditional Love between a woman and man does not exist in the human dimension, however it is an essential ingredient in the illusion of freedom in a woman's mind. Unconditional Love is connected to her authentic sense of Self; it is also evident in her longing for Spiritual completeness. It takes extreme courage for a woman to be authentic and nakedness is a potent metaphor for authenticity. It takes extreme courage for a woman to be naked with or without lust.

Women frequently swim in emotional waters and brave the ice cold seas of human relationship. Many drown in these lonely oceans because they forget their dependency on their true Self and substitute false religious obedience as their imprint for living a Divine life. When in fact, God does not care. Women retreat from their True Freedom under the illusion of God's unconditional love. Rules and control by men break women into small pieces. Society’s sensory conscious principles are a poor substitute for Spiritual enlightenment and true Self love. Experience the beauty of women through color and form. Nakedness is essential for their authenticity.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 11:01 AM
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