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My Gift

My dearest who is deserving of love,

I could not find a card to express my thoughts about the Christmas season and you. Many months have come and gone since we met. As you have come to recognize, I seem to identify most with the winter season. Even though I have a firm dislike for the snow, I have a constant calling to return to the north when winter arrives. It’s almost as if I was a salmon with an instinctive urge to go home. What’s funny is that the concept of home is only romantic fiction. The home I knew as a child and adolescent was distant and disconnected the majority of the time. For most Christmas seasons, I was alone.

To me, winter represents a time of decay. The unbridled growth in the summer gives rise to the transition of the fall. Each day of the good weather prepares the trees for the anguish of the cold. If nature is undisturbed, the trees grow tall and sturdy with great roots. The deeper the roots, the more powerful the trees. When the naked trees are assaulted by the elements brought on by the cold, they appear to be lifeless. They withdrawal to protect themselves from the harshness of nature. In the spring, they awaken and proudly display their new leaves. Despite the apparent losses from the season before, they return stronger and more powerful than the year before. One day they will not return, they will die or they will be disease ridden. It’s the cycle of life.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I believe the symbolic nature of the holiday is to help mankind care for his soul. The part of the story that is overwhelming is the mystery of faith. A newborn child magically appears and we must have faith that he is the Son of God. Actually, we are all children of God and God’s soul is in each of us. After Jesus dies, we must have faith that he will come again. He tells us he will return. We believe he ascends to his father in heaven in mind, body and spirit. I believe each of us will ascend as Jesus did regardless of our actions on earth. The Holy Spirit fills our essence and it guides our behavior to act out of love. We must have faith that our lives will be enriched beyond all comprehension if we walk a path guided by wisdom and divine truth.

Each night when I walk the dog, I search the sky for the moon. It is not always visible. Some nights, the moon is full and its light is all-powerful. Some nights, only the stars keep watch over us. Some nights, the crescent moon presides. But I have faith that when the moon is gone and the heavens are lonely, it will return. I walk every night looking for it, even though I know it may be out of sight. I also realize that when the moon is absent, it’s to no fault of mine. It just isn’t there.

May your soul be filled with the spirit of rebirth. We are created and reborn everyday of our life, but we seem to celebrate it only on Christmas. Please unwrap my gift and display it someplace near to your heart. You are a special person and when you feel alone and your soul feels empty, take a short walk and look for the moon. It always returns.

With the love and passion that comes with this season of celebration, may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:23 AM
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