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Love Mankind

Love Mankind

Justice comes When the Blind Horseman Rides.

Standing Firm cannot Persuade the Righteous.

They are Beyond the Voice of Reason.

A Wall of Stone Stifles Communication on both Sides.

Thirsty Humans desired Water more than Food.

Starving Humans desired Food more than Knowledge.

Ignorant Humans desired Knowledge to Conquer Nature.

Nature was Vast, Relentless and Merciless.

The Fall of Man was not Natures Fault.

When Adam and Eve devoured the Apple,

The Divine Separated from Mankind.

At That Moment, God made Mankind responsible for Love.

The Garden of Eden became an Endless Forest.

Man's Authenticity became a Choice.

Virtuous Souls found a Well Worn Path,

Communion created Favor amongst the Masses.

The Prisons of Community and Religion Spared No One.

Individuality gave way to Uniformity.

The Wicked preyed On the Uniformity of Man.

The Left hand Path still Exists.

Evil Cannot Influence Truth.


Stay True to the Left Hand Path.

The Forest will Shrink.

The Apple will Rot.

The Garden will Bloom.

The Divine will Return.

Your Spirit will Protect you.

Mankind will be Able to Love Mankind or Parish.

This is Death Ground.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian ©November 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:14 AM
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