The Stone Institute

Lisa's Song

Golden Wings

Verse 1
Waves of clouds of red and white,
Fruit trees barren in the Fall’s sunlight,
She was born to fly with Golden Wings.
             In her past ‘n Birmingham.
She did not crawl a day in her life.
She found joy in times of strife.
Her childhood stifled by evil strings.
           In the her ‘n Birmingham.
Verse 2
We met one night in celebration.
Music ‘n’s imitation,
Her smile melted my lonely heart.
           In our past ‘n Birmingham.
We made small journeys on foot each day,
Holdin hands ‘n talkin along the way.
Fate drove us to a place a - part.
           In our past ‘n Birmingham.
God never lets us know our fate.
We only get one choice to make.
She found me bleeding in a field of pain,
She feared my loss made me insane.
She held me close ‘n healed my heart,
She gave me life in a sea of dark.
Verse 3
Holy matrimony clipped her wings.
In her marriage she could never sing.
Three daughters later and miles away.
           In her past ‘n Jerusalem.
She climbed each mountain in her path.
Twenty-six years with a sociopath.
Her Golden Wings were all a fray.
             In her past ‘n Jerusalem.
Verse 4
As feathers grew she began to fly,
She was never allowed to touch the sky.
Her spirit flew ‘n returned her home.
              In her past ‘n Bethlehem.
Willows, lilacs and magnolia trees,
Reds, ‘n greens ‘n purple seas.
Passion lead her away to roam.
               In her past ‘n Bethlehem.
Chorus 2
I’d never imagine she'd return,
For thirty years, she’s all I yearned.
My heart aches to touch her face,
To hear her voice, to feel her grace.
In my dreams, I can hear her sing.
She’s my Angel with Golden Wings.
Verse 5
Livin her destiny took its toll.
She made changes, played each role.
Withered and wounded she flew like a dove.
                 In her past ‘n Bethlehem.
She was just so tired she could hardly stand,
All she wanted was to hold my hand.
She’s finally home in my arms of love.
                 In her past ‘n Bethlehem.
Butterflies come from Heaven above,
Each time one lands it shares its Love.
My heart aches to touch her face,
To hear her voice, to feel her grace.
In my dreams, I can hear her sing.
She is My Angel with Golden Wings.
Golden Wings…...Golden Wings…..She’s my Angel with Golden Wings…..
I can hear her sing, ...hear her sing...She’s my Angel with Golden Wings.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian© Dec 2013
Second edit© June 2016
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