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Let Me Sleep

Let Me Sleep


Picking up the Pieces of Shattered Lives.

Sharp Jagged Edges cut Deeply.

Healed wounds Forever Susceptible to Dehiscence.

Scars Divide Us.

Society Apologizes to Ease the Emotional pain.

Those not Born during the Battle, Do not Deserve an Apology.

            Living in the Past cannot Bring a Healthy Future.

Asking for Me to Apologize for Institutional Racism,

Requires You to Apologize for Yours.

No One gets a Free Pass.

All of our Ancestors have been Brutalized.

No one is Spared the Emotional Trauma

Of Being Human in the Primitive Jungle of Humanity.

            Reach Deep Within to See your Fate at Work.

There are many Roads to the Illusion of Freedom.

No One is ever Free.

Nature Enslaves us All in one Form or Another.

Human Nature is not above Gaia.

Human Nature operates within Gaia.

            If I am your Brother, You should not be Afraid.

If I am your Sister, You should not be Afraid.

If you Fail, it is Our Failure.

If you Succeed, it is Our Success.

If you have Pathology, Then you are Pathetic.

If you have Apathy, then you are Apathetic.

Don't Blame me for You being You.

            Forced Integration serves Only to Segregate.

Forced Assimilation is Fascism.

The Milk of God Cannot be Homogenized.

White or Black or Asian or Hispanic.

Do not Ask me to Dream your Dream.

I will not Ask You to Dream Mine.

Let me Sleep in Peace.

            Let me Wake in Joy.

Scars have Divided us.

Time doesn't always Heal all Wounds.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © June 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:26 AM
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